Trainer Spotlight: Tara Faye

Meet New York GAIN Trainer, Tara:


Why did you become a personal trainer?

Originally I thought I was interested in being a group fitness trainer only, however, being able to work with people one on one and see their progress on a more personal level is very fulfilling and now I do both personal training and group fitness classes equally.


AFAA Personal Trainer Certified, ACE Group Fitness Certified, Mad Dogg Athletics Certified

Favorite way to stay fit:  

I do it all! I think variety is key and stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to stay fit. However, if I had to choose, I enjoy Kickboxing the most!

Typical Breakfast:

JuicePlus+ brand Complete Shake or Complete Bar, on the weekends I opt for a big egg white omelet with chicken sausage and veggies!

Guilty Pleasure:

Oh… I am a sucker for a dessert martini! Like a Pumpkin Spice Martini or Strawberry Cobbler Martini. Gets me everytime!

Favorite way to stay fit on vacation:

While traveling I always take my personalize “300 Challenge”. It’s 10 exercises (with no equipment needed) and you do 10 reps of each, three times through. This way I have no excuse, it’s short, it’s hard and I don’t even have to rely on the hotel gym.  It has tortuous exercises like Burpees, Dynamic Pushup Jumps and Tuck Jumps, for example.

If you had to choose only one piece of exercise equipment to use, what would it be?

Mini Resistance Bands: it’s great for legs, butt, arms and back! Also easy to take anywhere!

Cardio or Weights?

Cardio with body weight exercises!

Which fitness myths bother you the most?

That women will get bulky if they lift weights. I tell women to grab “a heavy weight” and they come back with 5 lbs because they don’t want to get bulky and I just shake my head! Woman have 1/16th the amount of testosterone as men, so pick up more weight and burn more calories/build stronger leaner looking muscles!

Favorite part of your work:

Watching people change their lives and start working out because they love it instead of because they need to. Seeing people transform into happier, healthier individuals makes all my hard work and time worth it!

Favorite meal to cook:

I love cooking new recipes all the time. This winter I’ve gotten really into Cauliflower Soup and Black Bean Tacos! The Cauliflower Soup is super easy, just take vegetable broth to a boil, add in 1 head of chopped cauliflower and a half cup of pecans (or nuts of choice). Simmer for about 15 minutes, then throw it in a blender and boom! You’ve got a delicious, low cal soup for days!

Best Nutrition Advice:

Cook at home!! You will save over 200 calories per meal if you make your own food at home versus going out to eat or ordering in. Also – TRACK YOUR FOOD! I am a huge advocate of tracking your food everyday, most people have no idea how many calories, fat, carbs they consume on a daily basis, and apps like MyFitnessPal nowadays make is easy to monitor!  Oh – and remember – even healthy foods have calories, so just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean you can eat double the portion.

Want to train with Tara? Email for an introduction!

Client App Update V1.8

Introducing Apple Health integration and self-reporting your healthy activities –

-This big update introduces a tandem of two new features that greatly enhance the “24/7 Accountability” relationship you have with your expert personal trainer! Your trainer will use this holistic data to adjust your workouts accordingly.

Feature 1: +Health Activity
Report any healthy activity (outside of your GAIN-guided workouts) to your trainer. Select from our list of 18 pre-defined health activities, select the duration, and add a note to your trainer. Your trainer will get a ping to see what you’ve done and can adjust to your program accordingly. In addition, you’ll get a little dose of caloric burn feedback as further reward for your diligence!

Feature 2: Apple Health Integration
In addition to logging supplemental health activities in our app, GAIN Personal Training is now integrated with Apple Health. Depending on what other fitness apps and wearables you have connected and what information you choose to share, your personal trainer will receive a more holistic view of your day-to-day health and can adjust your daily workout program accordingly.

How can I do all of this?

Connecting to Apple Health:

-Your personal trainer can now see a holistic view of what you have going on in your day-to-day life depending on what wearables (e.g. Fitbit or Jawbone UP), food trackers (e.g. MyFitnessPal), sleep trackers (e.g. SleepCycle) , and fitness apps (e.g. Runkeeper, Pact) you have connected to Apple Health

1)  Tap the “Connect” button which appears for one-time only use in the top left of the +Health Activity screen.



2) Step 1: Tap the upper-left icon to reveal your side menu and go into your settings tab.


Step 2: Click Health Data Settings. Follow the directions on the pop-up screen to modify permissions in your HealthApp to allow GAIN Fitness


Adding Healthy Activities:

-Going for a hike this weekend in addition to your GAIN workout for the day? Let your trainer know you are an absolute rock star and add it as an activity so they can adjust your workouts accordingly and give you an extra pat on the back.

Step 1: Click the “+” in the upper-right corner to add one of the 18 pre-defined exercises


Step 2: Slide through the exercise icons and choose your respective activity, then add the duration, a note, and hit “add activity.” You will then see an estimated caloric expenditure.


Step 3: After hitting “close” you will see a number on the corresponding day.

Step 4: Add another activity by hitting the number in the top right corner of the screen and repeat steps 1-3



Going forward…

Your trainer will see these updates in real-time in their trainer feed, so that they can send encouragement and adjust your personal workout program

Your trainer’s feed:


Trainer's Feed

Trainer’s Feed

Client App Update 1.7

Hi GAINsters!

We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are ready to tackle the New Year with your GAIN Trainer!

We have a couple updates that we wanted to share with you, as well as some bug fixes that may have been frustrating you. As always, please shoot us an email with any questions or comments, as we truly do listen to all of your feedback and will work diligently to get you the features/fixes you desire.

  1. Finish your workout. It is no doubt that the holidays can interfere with your workout plans. If you only had time to do half of your workout, no sweat…you can now finish it up later.
    • Rather than only being able to do a missed workout if you had not started, now you can finish up a workout that you did less than 50% of.
  2. Notifications. Get messages and feedback from your trainer in real-time!
    • On the home screen of your phone you will now receive notifications when you have a message from your trainer, upcoming workout, and fist bumps from your trainer. Slide over to fist-bump them back (if you have iOS8!)


3. Referrals. Time to get your friends, family, and co-workers in on the fun! Check out our newest way to share the fun of GAIN Fitness personal training with everyone in as little as one button.

  • Not to worry, there is also an incentive for you: just as your buddy gets $30 off their first month, you too will enjoy a $30 discount on your next month of training
  • In the referrals tab, invite friends by typing in their phone number, email address, or choose from your contact list
  • You will be notified when your friend creates an account, and will be credited $30 when they meet their trainer


2015 Goals: The Year to Follow Through

Happy New Year GAIN Fitness Enthusiasts! We hope you enjoyed the holidays and are starting off the New Year on the right foot. As a little inspiration for you, our very own GAIN Trainer, Lauren Shroyer, has some excellent motivational insight for you all to enjoy and use as inspiration to keep going after those goals you set on January 1.

Goal setting…

I’m not a fan of “New Year’s Resolutions.” People tend to make a list of extravagant and unattainable items that are forgotten within weeks or even days of the Times Square ball dropping.

However, I am a believer in goals. Two of the principles I strictly follow are:

  1. You can claim success after first defining it and then achieving it.
  2. An idea is only an abstract thought until acted upon and realized.

In hopes that your goals involve a continued enhancement of your health, here are some steps to get you started.

Step One

Establish where you are now and where you want to be. (Important note: This is where YOU want to be, not what your parents, kids, husband, wife, or friends think you should do, or even what you think you “should” do.  This is a time to establish where YOU want to be.) Your thought process may look like this:

I am 4 weeks post operative on my right knee.  I have gained 3-4 pounds since October.   My stamina and cardiovascular endurance are likely decreased due to inactivity. My right leg strength is significantly compromised and my posture has suffered greatly due to using crutches for so long.  I am not cleared to exercise until January 15th.

I want to get back to the same weight I was in October before the injury. I want my leg strength to be equal bilaterally, my cardiovascular endurance to return to pre-injury state and my flexibility and posture to return to normal limits.

Step Two

Establish a timeline. A timeline is more than a start and stop point.  It must include milestones, or short term goals, along the way.  Be careful as you set these milestones as they must be realistic.

By February 28th –I will have returned my flexibility and posture to normal limits

By April 30th – I will have lost 2 lbs and have resumed cardio interval training.

By July 30th – I will have lost another 2 lbs and will begin short metabolic circuit training

By September 30th – I will increase the intensity of my metabolic circuits and add lateral movement

By November 30th – I will be doing metabolic circuits at the same intensity and for the same duration as I was prior to the injury.

Step Three

Establish a course of action.  Meeting goals is a journey and setting out your course is only the first step.  You must now be specific in how you are going to reach these milestones.

Beginning December 30th, I will decrease my sugar intake and increase my low fat protein and omega-3 fat intake. I will do this by eliminating sugared foods from the house and by beginning my day with a protein shake.

As soon as I am released to exercise, I will resume my exercise schedule (5 days each week)and progress my exercise program steadily and per doctor instruction throughout the year.

Step Four

Consistency.  The most important thing to remember is that these are YOUR goals. These are the things YOU want to accomplish. So don’t give up, get motivated.

The achievement of anything great includes work–sometimes it is fun, sometimes…not so much.  In the days that follow your goal setting you will make many choices that will keep you on your path, or sway you from it. When faced with those choices, be conscious of your decisions. “What do I want more, this cookie or to reach my goal?”  Sometimes, the answer will be “The cookie.” That’s fine too. We will all veer off the path at some point and returning to it will take discipline and effort.  Write these goals out. Reread them regularly, especially when you are losing the path.

One very important aspect of goal achievement is having a support team. This could be your best friend and your parents, your husband and kids, your personal trainer and nutritionist or a group at your doctor’s office.  It doesn’t matter who you choose, but you need to debrief, you need to ask advice, you need to whine a little bit and you need someone who will pick you up, dust you off and shove you back on the wagon when things get tough.  This kind of support I have found is not only invaluable, it is essential.

Now get to it!

The GAIN Fitness team wishes you all a Happy and Healthy 2015!

GAIN Trainer, Lauren Shroyer


Happy to announce some new updates you will see in your app! Fixing bugs and crashes were our priority, but we managed to sneak in some other cool features for you as well in this update. ENJOY!

SETTINGS, MESSAGING & SUPPORT: Slide right or tap the three parallel lines on your home screen to reveal a button for each of these features


    • Profile: change your name, gender, height, weight, and birth date
    • Notifications: turn on your push notifications to notify you when you have an upcoming workout or message from your trainer. Additionally, opt to receive emails from us if you have a notification that you have not seen
    • Audio controls: change how often you want ‘your trainer’ to speak with you throughout your workouts
    • Exercise Speed: change the speed of each rep according to your and your trainer’s preferences. Prefer to knock out 25 push-ups lightning fast? Not a problem, change the exercise speed from ballistic to super slow and everything in between
    • Account: logout or login with a different email or password. Always let us know if you would like to use a different email address and we can work with you to get set up
    • The envelope icon on this same screen allows you to message your trainer. Additionally, on your home screen, tapping your trainer’s image will also bring you to the messaging feature
    • Whether it’s a question, comment, or concern—we love hearing from you and are here to help you have the best experience possible



  • In the upper-right corner of your home screen you will see a calendar icon. Click the icon or pull down on the screen to reveal your calendar of workouts for the corresponding week.
  • Days with an icon represent the days your trainer has a workout created for you. Days without icons represent rest days unless further explained by your trainer.
  • The icons will either have a green checkmark, Red X, or nothing. A checkmark represents a completed workout, an X represents a missed workout, and nothing represents you have not yet had the opportunity to complete a workout—so get after it!

LISTEN TO MUSIC: Jam out to your favorite tunes with our new built in music player!


  • Once you begin a workout, you will see the music bar pop up. It will display a ‘previous’, ‘pause/play’, and ‘next’ button for you to control. You can also click on the playlist button to dropdown a list of your favorites in your iTunes collection
  • It would be pretty annoying to have the music bar at the top of your screen throughout the duration of your workout, so it will disappear after a second or two. To get it back, pull down the screen to reveal the controls again.

GENERAL: Yes, there are several exciting new features in this update… However, let’s make sure we are still aware of the small but sometimes necessary features too!

    • Couldn’t squeeze in your workout yesterday? We will give you a 10-day ‘grace period’ to do a workout that you couldn’t quite fit in. On your calendar, tap an icon with an ‘X’ within 10-days to complete when you find the time (as long as you don’t already have a workout for that day!)
    • When in doubt…refresh! To refresh your app, pull down on the screen. This can be helpful if your trainer is sending you workouts, it unexpectedly crashed, etc.
    • Every so often, you may get a pop up message from your trainer giving you tips, reminding you to keep your hips down while doing a plank, etc. These will pop-up in a gray-shaded box and then disappear. These are here just to show you that your trainer is really there for you and thinking about you while creating your workouts.


    • In addition to audio cues, you can also see visual cues for each exercise. Tap pause at any point during an exercise, and then tap the exercise name to bring you to the list of cues/tips
    • Rather than carrying around your phone, slide over the lock button (located about ¾ down the screen) to allow you to slide your phone in your pocket without accidentally hitting a button and causing mayhem!


    • Eager to see what’s in store for you for the next several minutes? On a day you have a workout assigned, you will see icons of the corresponding equipment you will need on your home screen. Slide up your screen and you will see a preview displaying the sets, reps, and amount of weight needed for each exercise



The GAIN Fitness Team

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